About Me

Photo by Armstrong Too

David was born in snowy Montreal, Canada where he lived and studied in English and French for many years. At the age of 19 he moved to Ottawa to study Journalism, History and English Literature at Carleton University in the nation’s capital.

In 2012, in need of a change of scenery, he enrolled in the Hogeschool Utrecht’s European Culture and European Journalism program and set off for the Netherlands. There, he discovered the beauty of Dutch culture and the thrill of low-budget travel. The rest is history.

David has previously submitted content for a variety of Canadian and international publications such as Postmedia News, Ottawa Magazine, New African Magazine, Vocativ and The East African.

In his spare time, David enjoys playing music, cooking, reading and blues jamming. He now lives in Nairobi, Kenya, where he works as a freelance reporter/photographer and editor of The Blink Magazine, a new online startup that highlights underground arts & culture across East Africa.


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